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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eros Love

As we have just celebrated what is known as Valentines Day, why is it that we want to recognize love and intimacy on a specific day of the year and not recognize the love that we share with our mates all year? As a means of expression of Love on Valentines Day in most cases the act of making love takes place. Of course we all want to feel extra special on that day but true love takes work every day of the year. There are several different types of love. We should have all the different types of love in a relationship with our spouses. Philos, Agape and most importantly Eros are all types of Love. Eros love is passionate love with sensual desire and longing and is where we get our word erotic. As we know we should not have sex outside of marriage, sex or the act of love making is now perverted in most cases and young ladies and a lot of older women as well are giving there bodies to someone who may never be your husband. We are completely inundated with sex in our society and Satan is doing this to keep our carnal sexual appetites awake.

Sexual purity can not be obtained outside of marriage. A marriage bed is undefiled. God gave this as a gift of enjoyment between a husband and a wife but in a lot of cases women use this as a weapon inside of there marriage. When we do this on either side, we set the other person up for sexual temptation which is why a lot of people either turn to the internet, porn, adultery etc or as they say I can satisfy myself and I am not cheating, but this is a sin and sex in your head erodes sex in the bed. Those of us who use sex as a weapon will sustain self inflicted wounds. You can train your husbands not to want you, but you can't train them not to want.

Satan does everything he can to cause division in a marriage and in most cases he uses intimacy as one of his biggest avenues. Men want to be there wives everything and when we deprive them of intimacy this erodes there self esteem. Now you can be doing all of this and a man will still go outside of there marriage but in every case you should pray about all areas of your marriage including this one.

We have been so perverted in our society using sex until it can become a complete turn off and you are no longer interested in it and in a lot of cases it can be about an addiction rather than the affection. Sex or making love with your husband should not be and is not disgusting, should not be boring or uninteresting and it does not have to be perverse to work. Men are visual. We should get ready for them just like we get ready for everything else. Set the atmosphere.

Most marriages are destroyed for romance and finance. When we get married your body becomes his body and likewise his body becomes your body so we should never be turning the other person down. In marriage it is self sacrifice. Put aside your needs to meet his needs, we have the favor of God on our side when performed in the confines of marriage. Men want to feel and be desired just as well. Be affectionate to him, stroke his ego, and be loving and kind. Intimacy does not just start once you get in the bedroom and remember God purposely created sex not only for reproduction but also for enjoyment in the confides of marriage.