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Monday, September 20, 2010


In a day and age where evrything is customer driven the question that alwasy lingers is, IS CUSTOMER SERVICE DEAD? I say to you yes. Customer Service is a pet peeve of mine since I have only worked in customer service all of my life and the way people are treated especially when you are spending your money is apalling.

What happened to the days when the customer was always right and saying things like mam and sir? That died a long time ago and these days even the people behind the counter don't care how they treat there employees in front of you and they do and say just about anything.

I have had on many many occasions lately the worst customer service imaginable. I have had reps tell me I was wrong and not asking the right questions after I had called and e-mailed several times, then this same rep proceeded to argue with me over the phone and raise her voice with me over this phone call and of course the supervisor is never available. I went to a laundry mat recently and of course you look in the washers before you put your clothes in there but you cannot catch the finite things with the naked eye. I put my white clothes in this machine and they came out looking black. Now thats a problem, so I go and talk to the manager to see if they could put the wash on again so I can rewash my clothes and she told me no. I am not worth keeping as a customer over $1.50, but thats how people run there establishments these days. Then on this same day I went to the neighborhood fast food restaraunt KFC and the girl behind the counter made a simple mistake and ok I understand it happens to us all, but she called the manager for help and he tore her down and called her stupid and I never want to see you make this mistake again and so on and so forth all while I, the customer am standing right in front of you. Come on people.

You get left on hold for a half hour or more, then get transferred five to ten times, then you e-mail and get no responses, your money gets thrown back at you when you pay or when you go to the store and you have a cart full of groceries GIANT the little young people behind the counter act as if they don't want to do there job that they get paid for and they all huffing and puffing while ringing up your groceries. Or GIANT the clerks say stuff to you when you complain to a manager like you just had to get your way, what a way to get your way. Now if I punch you in the face for talking to me like that would I be wrong? But violence never solves anything and I'm not that type of person but I know we have all felt that way. Now I can go on and on but the lack of care and concern you get these days is crazy. People these days just don't care, from when they come to your house to fix or deliver something to when you go and get your car fixed people are just rude and nasty and it makes me think that they were not taught proper manners or they just dont care to use them. The people these days curse and swear at you and do and say just about anything. You don't know who you are dealing with. I could be your boss, or know your boss, get you fired or be one of those secret shopper people you don't know who I am when I come around and I know this is not all the people but it is a fair share and no one seems to be able to ever help you and the one thing I hate the most is when people can't help you because thats not there job. Give me a break.

I have seen it all, from UPS to the chinese carry out and why does it seem like you have to go off on people or write letters and complain before you can get any results and even then thats not guaranteed and all they can say is I'm sorry. I know you are but what are you going to do for me as a consumer to make me feel better to want to keep doing business with you? Because we as the consumer have the power we can always take our money else where. If you take care of your customers the little things and mistakes wont matter but the thing is people wont take care of there customers. Something has to change.



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Tuesday, August 17, 2010



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Thursday, July 22, 2010


One of the deadliest members of our body that we use every day is the tongue. This member that the Bible says cannot be tamed. What we use to eat with but what we also use to either speak life or death with.

Sometimes we are not even aware what we are speaking out of our mouths. We just get caught up in the moment and in the conversation and all types of things stat to come out of our mouths. But the one thing that I have noticed is the death that a lot of us speak over our marriages.

In a marriage we are one. One unit. Ask yourself this question? Would I speak ill about myself. Well you are if you are referring to your spouse. Our spouses are reflections of who we are as well. Your spouse is the one that we said in good times in bad times til death do us part. The one we love the most. Then why is it that we say and do things that we know will hurt the person we say we love and are going to spend the rest of our lives with? Although there are times we need to get good Godly counseling from another woman and you may want to talk to someone about some things that are going on and that’s fine but what I am talking about is openly an intentionally and on a regular just tearing down your spouse while he or she is there and while he or she is not there.

Also this member is what causes a lot of chaos and confusion. Look, we are grown adults. Why is it that people behave like we are still in high school with the petty he say she say. The Bible says if you have an aught with your brother or sister then go to them. This is a way we can keep the devil OUT! But that’s easier said than done. We would rather go to this person and say what that person done did and that person turns around and goes and tells another person and so on and so forth.

My momma always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say nothing at all. Translated, if you can’t say something positive and speak life in that’s person’s life instead of death then hush your mouth. So many things get started by what some one supposedly said. That’s why we need to be quick to listen and SLOW to speak. We also need to be careful about what we say out of our mouths because SATAN is the prince of the power of the airways. You can have all the right intentions but you cannot determine how someone will interpret what you say.

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. What are you speaking today?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Work It out!

Hey there everybody. Just wanted to talk about what so many people have been asking me. People ask me all the time how do I do it. Three kids 2 and under which includes a set of twins, working, home making, church work and attending, building a business etc. and to tell you the truth only by the grace of God and the strength he gives me everyday and the determination, drive and the thought of making my children’s lives better.

I have pondered so many times and asked GOD what is the plan you have for me and my life and what is it that I am supposed to be doing. A lot of things I wanted to do I have not because of what, FEAR. The fear of failure and rejection and doubt and discouragement that plagues so many of us. Often times we wonder if we are good enough, the what ifs and when it does not work out the first time we just give up and never try again. A lot of times things take perseverance and determination and a will to not give up.

Sure everyone has a job, kids, a husband, aging parents, this, that, the other and the list and day goes on and on. Where do you find the time? And in between you want to get the me time so you don't go crazy. The thing is you have to make it all work. Prioritize. And some things unintentionally will fall by the waste side until you can pick them up again. Don't feel bad and don't feel defeated.

I know a lot of people make promises of help when you need it and sometimes its not there. Don't get mad with the people because they are just people and they get wrapped up in there everyday lives as well. Sometimes you feel like the people around you can't really relate to what you are thinking or going through. The person we need to lean on is Jesus because he will never leave us or forsake us and he may not be there when we need him but he always shows up right on time and I am a believer in that. Everyday will not be sunny or bright but everyday new mercies we see and a new chance we get to try it again and get it right. Take it all to Jesus in prayer. It is still good to have those good girlfriends you can talk to and lean on and get good Godly counsel from. Not the ones who will just go along to get along but the ones that will tell you the truth when you miss the mark and where you need to step it up at.

Just keep pressing on. The race is not given to the fast or the swift but the one that endures to the end. Don't give up on your dreams no matter how old chronologically you are. It's never too late to make a new beginning. Don't have regrets. Live, Love, Laugh and most importantly live your life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. What kind of legacy will you leave to your children and grandchildren? Take care of you and your family. And the most important thing is to take care of you. It's so easy to forget your own health and needs when we are busy taking care of everyone else.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


As we just not to long ago celebrated a holiday that is set aside especially for us, I just wanted to look back and thank God for MOMS all over the world and encourage us because we all need that from time to time. This is a tough job but it also brings so much joy and I can say that this is the most rewarding and fulfilling job I have ever had. As a mom we wear so many hats. We are the house keeper, the tutor, the chef, the chauffer, the counselor, the support team, the doctor and the nurse the any and everything our children needs.

A mother besides what any one else says is the highest office in the land. There are no manuals to teach us how to be a mother, we just do. Have you ever looked back and thought about the day you had your first child? Me I was scared to death and saying to myself ok what now. But when you got that baby home it just all came to you. We are internally built with all the qualities and the instincts needed to handle the task of mother hood. God will never give us a position and not equip us to handle it.

We as mothers are given the job to teach and train our children. Nothing new that I am telling you all but there are so many things we teach our kids, both good and bad. We have to be careful about what we expose our kids to too early before they are able to handle it. We are the first teachers, to teach our children godly character and traits, how we teach them we teach by example. I never got when I was growing up the do ad I say and not as I do because a lot of things I should not have tried or language I had spoken was learned from what I saw both in and out of the home.

We also train our children. The word says “train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they should not depart from it”. I am a firm believer in this. They will grow up and make there own decisions and choices both good and bad but they will also revert back to what they were taught and the type of parenting they received as a child. Be wide eyed be watchful. We as mothers have to keep our eyes open over the affairs of our children. But we have to let them be children as well.

We all wish for perfect children. Unfortunately they do not exist. We spend there whole lives from the womb teaching them right from wrong. As well as spending there whole lives showing them how much we love them. It’s not always enough to say they just know I love them, of course they do, but Love is an action word and we have to also show them. I heard some one say they wish they could have heard there mother tell them how much hey loved them before she died. Wow, will your children be guilty of this. We have to shower our children with affection. Just like we long to hear our spouses tell us they love us so do our children long to hear those words. Tell them often, everyday if you can because we never know what day will be our last. If we show our children more affection then they will not seek unhealthy love in other places.

As mothers we are SUPEREWOMAN. We are every woman hear us roar. I know you have those days of feeling unappreciated, burnt out and feeling like everything you do is not good enough or in vain. Trust me I never understood what my parents were trying to tell me and the hardships of being a mother until I became one myself. As a mother I say use the four P’s. We have to be Prayerful for ourselves and our families, pray without ceasing. We have to be Passionate to be strong in our feelings and love for God. We have to be Patient. We have to endure the pain and the trials that will come without complaining. And remember the office of a mother is Priceless. Children are our gift from God. Its not more rewarding them looking at my children sleep, looking at there bay pictures or getting that little pat on the leg saying ma ma. Oh I just want to squeeze them and never let go. No one will ever understand the bond of mothers and there children. Although a father’s role is equally important the mothers are the makers for the home, the birthers, and the carriers of life. I am so happy to be a MOM.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finish What You Started

Hello everyone. First I would like to apologize for my faithful followers. I have been away for a while and have not written. Why because I just let life and the every day get the best of me. You know really there is no excuse. I need to become one of those people who finish what they start.

I started this blog because I was on fire. I knew I had something to share and I knew that there were people out there just like me. I know a lot of times you can feel like you are on an island all by yourself and no one understands. But there are others who know exactly where you are coming from and can relate but the question is where are they? It seems like why can’t you ever find that someone when you need them or find that one person just to listen and to give you some good Godly counseling when you need it.

I know I am not the only person who has a habit of not finishing what I start. I just look back over my life and I have had so many jobs I can do a little bit of everything. But that comes with not finishing what I started. I am one of those people who likes a challenge and gets bored quick with the same ole routine or I find what ever I am doing to not be as interesting any more or I become complacent or I get what I am doing down pat that it just becomes second thought.

At some point in your life you just get to that point where the light bulb finally goes off and you have that uh huh moment, that epiphany. Let me tell you that comes with a lot of self evaluation. At first I wanted to blame it on being a mother of three under the age of two which includes a set of twins. That can have it own set of challenges and being a mom is a 24 hour a day job. You don’t get a mulligan or a do over so you have to get it right the first time. Being a mother is the single most hardest thing I have ever done in my life. And you have those moments often when you just want Calgon to come and take you away, but it never happens.

Soon you get so distracted when weeks turn into months and months turn into years and you look back and wonder where the time has gone. I know there are several things that I still want to do with my life and I know I have time because I am still fairly young but I have to learn to keep my hand to plow and finish what I started. I know a lot of times and it’s just not me, we are scared of failure and rejection. When something seems to not go right or gets a little tough instead of sticking it out we just give up and move on to the next thing. That’s kind of how a lot of people are in relationships. When the going gets tough we get going. What happened to if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. That’s how we have so many inventions today. I don’t think anybody ever got what they were working towards right on the first try.

With life come those ups, downs, hardships, trials and obstacles but eventually we do have a victory. You may wait so long that it seems like for ever and you wonder when is your victory or breakthrough ever going to come. Trust me it will. Look back and think. Are there things that you have started and not finished, things that you have put down, things that you are afraid of trying? Look you only get one life. Everything may not work out the first time and there will be some failure but don’t let it get you down. Don’t stop, don’t give up, step out on faith. Finish what you started. Remember the race was not given to the fast or the swift but the one who endured to the end.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eros Love

As we have just celebrated what is known as Valentines Day, why is it that we want to recognize love and intimacy on a specific day of the year and not recognize the love that we share with our mates all year? As a means of expression of Love on Valentines Day in most cases the act of making love takes place. Of course we all want to feel extra special on that day but true love takes work every day of the year. There are several different types of love. We should have all the different types of love in a relationship with our spouses. Philos, Agape and most importantly Eros are all types of Love. Eros love is passionate love with sensual desire and longing and is where we get our word erotic. As we know we should not have sex outside of marriage, sex or the act of love making is now perverted in most cases and young ladies and a lot of older women as well are giving there bodies to someone who may never be your husband. We are completely inundated with sex in our society and Satan is doing this to keep our carnal sexual appetites awake.

Sexual purity can not be obtained outside of marriage. A marriage bed is undefiled. God gave this as a gift of enjoyment between a husband and a wife but in a lot of cases women use this as a weapon inside of there marriage. When we do this on either side, we set the other person up for sexual temptation which is why a lot of people either turn to the internet, porn, adultery etc or as they say I can satisfy myself and I am not cheating, but this is a sin and sex in your head erodes sex in the bed. Those of us who use sex as a weapon will sustain self inflicted wounds. You can train your husbands not to want you, but you can't train them not to want.

Satan does everything he can to cause division in a marriage and in most cases he uses intimacy as one of his biggest avenues. Men want to be there wives everything and when we deprive them of intimacy this erodes there self esteem. Now you can be doing all of this and a man will still go outside of there marriage but in every case you should pray about all areas of your marriage including this one.

We have been so perverted in our society using sex until it can become a complete turn off and you are no longer interested in it and in a lot of cases it can be about an addiction rather than the affection. Sex or making love with your husband should not be and is not disgusting, should not be boring or uninteresting and it does not have to be perverse to work. Men are visual. We should get ready for them just like we get ready for everything else. Set the atmosphere.

Most marriages are destroyed for romance and finance. When we get married your body becomes his body and likewise his body becomes your body so we should never be turning the other person down. In marriage it is self sacrifice. Put aside your needs to meet his needs, we have the favor of God on our side when performed in the confines of marriage. Men want to feel and be desired just as well. Be affectionate to him, stroke his ego, and be loving and kind. Intimacy does not just start once you get in the bedroom and remember God purposely created sex not only for reproduction but also for enjoyment in the confides of marriage.

Friday, January 15, 2010


It’s a new year and with that comes new beginnings. Some people make resolutions or promises to them selves that they may or may not keep. A new year brings about promise and hope for the future. You forget all the good things and yes all of the bad thing that have happened over the past 365 days and make an effort to make the next 365 days even better.

Why wait until the end of the year to make a new beginning. You can turn your life around at any time and that can be your new beginning. When you become new in Christ old things are passed away and behold are things become new. That can happen at any time but since this is a new year, we are bound to make new beginnings, whether it is relationships, our health, our values, friends or even family.

Over the course of the New Year anything is bound to happen. How and what will you do to get over or get through trials, tribulations or even adversary when it comes. We are human. We live, we learn and we love. We lose things like friends, family, jobs, money and the list can go on and on and we can gain all these things as well. Why is this, because its life. Have you sat back and reflected on this past year. Or was it that kind of year that you quickly want to forget. We should reflect. We should not hold on to past things, hurts or pains and move forward into the present. And besides everything is a learning experience and mistakes not learned from are destined to be repeated. How can we make things better for the future?

We can not start a new beginning before we first deal with self. Evaluate yourself. Stop blaming everyone else and take a long look in the mirror at you. Do you want to lose some weight? Fine, but make sure you are doing it for you and so you can live a longer life since there are so many diseases that we face these days being overweight or not in good health. We can combat disease by what we feed our bodies being legal like food or illegal like substances. We want to also make our inner bodies just as attractive as our outer. We spend a lot of time perfecting the outer man and neglect the inner man. Go get a makeover both physically and mentally. You owe it to yourself.

How can we make a new beginning for Christ? I am glad you asked. For some of us, we have lost that fire and that zeal that was once in us for the Lord. We get complacent and comfortable and soon we are doing the bare minimum to get by. We can make a new beginning by applying ourselves more. Are you working in the ministry, helping others, trying to make your church or community a better place and maybe you are and you say well how is that making a new beginning. The answer is, do more. Besides we are not working unto man we are working unto the lord. Pray and ask the Lord to lead you into what he would have you to do. Maybe what you have been doing was not your calling and you were just keeping yourself busy. Maybe the lord has given you something he wants you to do that you still have not doe yet. Try it. Step out on faith and step out of your comfort zone. Life is trial and error.

How can I make a new beginning at work? Lighten up. Smile more. And be nice to those people who are trying to make your life miserable. Besides even while you are at your job you are still working unto the Lord. You don’t want to take that extra stress on and take it home with you besides this is a new year. Leave all those old things in the past. Try to make every day a good day. People feed off of you and your attitude. Will you make the environment positive or negative? You give people the power over you when you chose to be mad or upset or act out of character. Of course they will try and push those buttons but you should never lose your cool or as they say never let them see you sweat.

How can I make a new beginning with my family? The answer is spend more time with them. Love is an action verb. If you never show them you love them then how will they know and it’s a good thing to tell them once in a while as well. Again attitude is the key. Tone, how and what you say can either diffuse a situation or add to it. Make this a better year for you and your family. I know it’s a recession but try to go some where to a museum or something. Have that quality time with your spouse and your children. A marriage is destroyed basically for two reasons, romance and finance and once the family is destroyed then the children will follow. Spice up your marriage again. Start all over. Begin dating each other again. This is a new year, time for a new beginning. Leave what happened in the past in the past.

A new year, a new beginning and new opportunities await us. With each day a brand new set of mercies we see. Learn to forgive, forget and move forward.