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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Spectacle That is Made of Marriage!

Hello everyone.  This is one of the topics that I am most passionate about. 

Why do some people go into marriage with an escape clause. Why do you even say in your vows until death do us part if you really don’t mean to. Why do you get married in a church and before the Lord if you really don’t want to live by his standards. What is irreconcilable differences? I don’t see that any where in the Bible.

You are suppose to exhaust every option before you get a divorce unless there is physical abuse or continued cheating and even in the cheating God can always restore that person. In this day an age people don’t take marriage seriously. It’s just a joke or something to do for the moment until the next best thing comes along. Some people just want the wedding day and not the marriage.

The statistics say that 80 percent of Americans are Christian. If that’s so then why is it that the divorce rate is higher in the church than the world. God did not intend for us to get a divorce. Don’t you know that if you divorce for any other reason other than adultery and you go and marry someone else you are considered an adulterer. No one is teaching the truth these days and in the Bible it says its better not to make a vow than to make a vow and break it. These days people cant stay married for 25 seconds. Let alone 50 years like our ancestors use to.

The Bible says you should not be unequally yoked. People think if we get married than I can change him or her wrong. I am a big advocate for marriage counseling. If people would just take the time to get some good Godly marriage counseling before you jump into the union you will find out who that person really is in that counseling thus avoiding a lot of these divorces. You may be able to fool a person but you cant fool God.  Sooner of later the covers will come off you cant fake it for long.

I am appalled at the spectacle that people are making of marriage.   It seems like a joke.  People are getting married for all the wrong reasons.  Why go through all the trouble.  What type of example are we setting for our future generations. And on another note if you are going into a marriage and asking me to sign a prenup that means you don't plan on staying married to me for long what I call another ex scape clause.  Thats should definitely be a red flag right there. Unless you are that person who is only going in to it for the money!   What ever happened to marriage for Love not Lust or your feelings because feelings are fickle and always subject to change.