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Saturday, May 29, 2010


As we just not to long ago celebrated a holiday that is set aside especially for us, I just wanted to look back and thank God for MOMS all over the world and encourage us because we all need that from time to time. This is a tough job but it also brings so much joy and I can say that this is the most rewarding and fulfilling job I have ever had. As a mom we wear so many hats. We are the house keeper, the tutor, the chef, the chauffer, the counselor, the support team, the doctor and the nurse the any and everything our children needs.

A mother besides what any one else says is the highest office in the land. There are no manuals to teach us how to be a mother, we just do. Have you ever looked back and thought about the day you had your first child? Me I was scared to death and saying to myself ok what now. But when you got that baby home it just all came to you. We are internally built with all the qualities and the instincts needed to handle the task of mother hood. God will never give us a position and not equip us to handle it.

We as mothers are given the job to teach and train our children. Nothing new that I am telling you all but there are so many things we teach our kids, both good and bad. We have to be careful about what we expose our kids to too early before they are able to handle it. We are the first teachers, to teach our children godly character and traits, how we teach them we teach by example. I never got when I was growing up the do ad I say and not as I do because a lot of things I should not have tried or language I had spoken was learned from what I saw both in and out of the home.

We also train our children. The word says “train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they should not depart from it”. I am a firm believer in this. They will grow up and make there own decisions and choices both good and bad but they will also revert back to what they were taught and the type of parenting they received as a child. Be wide eyed be watchful. We as mothers have to keep our eyes open over the affairs of our children. But we have to let them be children as well.

We all wish for perfect children. Unfortunately they do not exist. We spend there whole lives from the womb teaching them right from wrong. As well as spending there whole lives showing them how much we love them. It’s not always enough to say they just know I love them, of course they do, but Love is an action word and we have to also show them. I heard some one say they wish they could have heard there mother tell them how much hey loved them before she died. Wow, will your children be guilty of this. We have to shower our children with affection. Just like we long to hear our spouses tell us they love us so do our children long to hear those words. Tell them often, everyday if you can because we never know what day will be our last. If we show our children more affection then they will not seek unhealthy love in other places.

As mothers we are SUPEREWOMAN. We are every woman hear us roar. I know you have those days of feeling unappreciated, burnt out and feeling like everything you do is not good enough or in vain. Trust me I never understood what my parents were trying to tell me and the hardships of being a mother until I became one myself. As a mother I say use the four P’s. We have to be Prayerful for ourselves and our families, pray without ceasing. We have to be Passionate to be strong in our feelings and love for God. We have to be Patient. We have to endure the pain and the trials that will come without complaining. And remember the office of a mother is Priceless. Children are our gift from God. Its not more rewarding them looking at my children sleep, looking at there bay pictures or getting that little pat on the leg saying ma ma. Oh I just want to squeeze them and never let go. No one will ever understand the bond of mothers and there children. Although a father’s role is equally important the mothers are the makers for the home, the birthers, and the carriers of life. I am so happy to be a MOM.