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Monday, September 19, 2011

Work Place Friends!

We all spend the majority of our days at work.  During this time it is common for us to meet and interact with people.   So what do you do when your spouse of partner starts to interact or be friends with a person of the opposite sex.  It could be a boss, supervisor, or just fellow line man. Now I know this is unheard of these days, trust is out the window you can't trust anybody and no by no means necessary can you have friends of the opposite sex. Right or wrong?

I find this this to be a very interesting and touchy topic.   Its pretty much to each its own.  I have happened to be on both sides of this over the course of my life time.  I have been the one to have the friends, I have had my mates obtain friends and cheat etc etc but do you let one instance dictate how you operate and basically shape and mold the rest of your life. Do you want to spend you days obsessing?

My feeling is Trust is one of the single most important things in any relationship.  If you are at work of course you have to interact with people, you get to know them there families, whats makes them tick, what they eat and all.    I think its unrealistic for there to not be any interaction with the opposite sex. You have to work with them. This all boils down to how much do you trust your mate, spouse, partner.  If someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat.  Be it with the person at their job or the one walking down the street.  Do you look at everyone cross eyed and as a cheater?  Do you let this consume you?  I am not saying be naive or just let anything fly and stand by and watch things happen either.

I guess this all boils down to again is trusting people.   I have some really good friends that are my friends now from my husbands work place.  He meets them and say hey you need to meet or talk to my wife or I just happen to come for a visit and we wind up in a conversation.  Why hide stuff because in darkness and secrecy is where things happen, manifest and become dangerous.   And some things happen in the light right in front of us as well.

We all know our boundaries that we should and should not cross.   Some people go after others even if they are taken for the thrill or what ever.  But can we really stop the interaction between opposite sexes at work?  NO!  No matter how hard you try. What do you we do then? Do we forbid interaction with one another or take on a non caring attitude with people and only concerned about ourselves?  I mean we are human we live on human interaction its going to happen I guess if we like it or not. We dictate how we interact with one another and how far any relationship can go.