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Monday, September 20, 2010


In a day and age where evrything is customer driven the question that alwasy lingers is, IS CUSTOMER SERVICE DEAD? I say to you yes. Customer Service is a pet peeve of mine since I have only worked in customer service all of my life and the way people are treated especially when you are spending your money is apalling.

What happened to the days when the customer was always right and saying things like mam and sir? That died a long time ago and these days even the people behind the counter don't care how they treat there employees in front of you and they do and say just about anything.

I have had on many many occasions lately the worst customer service imaginable. I have had reps tell me I was wrong and not asking the right questions after I had called and e-mailed several times, then this same rep proceeded to argue with me over the phone and raise her voice with me over this phone call and of course the supervisor is never available. I went to a laundry mat recently and of course you look in the washers before you put your clothes in there but you cannot catch the finite things with the naked eye. I put my white clothes in this machine and they came out looking black. Now thats a problem, so I go and talk to the manager to see if they could put the wash on again so I can rewash my clothes and she told me no. I am not worth keeping as a customer over $1.50, but thats how people run there establishments these days. Then on this same day I went to the neighborhood fast food restaraunt KFC and the girl behind the counter made a simple mistake and ok I understand it happens to us all, but she called the manager for help and he tore her down and called her stupid and I never want to see you make this mistake again and so on and so forth all while I, the customer am standing right in front of you. Come on people.

You get left on hold for a half hour or more, then get transferred five to ten times, then you e-mail and get no responses, your money gets thrown back at you when you pay or when you go to the store and you have a cart full of groceries GIANT the little young people behind the counter act as if they don't want to do there job that they get paid for and they all huffing and puffing while ringing up your groceries. Or GIANT the clerks say stuff to you when you complain to a manager like you just had to get your way, what a way to get your way. Now if I punch you in the face for talking to me like that would I be wrong? But violence never solves anything and I'm not that type of person but I know we have all felt that way. Now I can go on and on but the lack of care and concern you get these days is crazy. People these days just don't care, from when they come to your house to fix or deliver something to when you go and get your car fixed people are just rude and nasty and it makes me think that they were not taught proper manners or they just dont care to use them. The people these days curse and swear at you and do and say just about anything. You don't know who you are dealing with. I could be your boss, or know your boss, get you fired or be one of those secret shopper people you don't know who I am when I come around and I know this is not all the people but it is a fair share and no one seems to be able to ever help you and the one thing I hate the most is when people can't help you because thats not there job. Give me a break.

I have seen it all, from UPS to the chinese carry out and why does it seem like you have to go off on people or write letters and complain before you can get any results and even then thats not guaranteed and all they can say is I'm sorry. I know you are but what are you going to do for me as a consumer to make me feel better to want to keep doing business with you? Because we as the consumer have the power we can always take our money else where. If you take care of your customers the little things and mistakes wont matter but the thing is people wont take care of there customers. Something has to change.



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  3. Grrrrr....bad customer service? One of my pet peeves as well!

  4. I found you at MBC too. I am following now. We have recently had some terrible customer service as well. I can never figure out why they don't want you to value them. If I was treated well I would tell people, but, if someone said to me hey I am thinking of switching long distance co. what do you think of co. X I am going to say stay far away. Feel free to pop by my blog. http://ontheoldpath.blogspot.com/

  5. Andrea, it's sad what you described - and sadly true. This lack of respect and common courtesy is disturbing to see and hear about. You're right, something has to change.

    It's great you're in business for yourself and can give much better customer service than what you experienced.

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  6. woo hoo! I'm number 106! Just found you on MBC! Enjoyed you post and totally agree with you!

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  7. Your newest follower from MBC. I so agree with you. There are so many disrespectfull careless people out there, and the majority of them work in Customer Service. I just find solace in knowing that I'm doing all that I can to raise respectful young man, and am glad that I've met so many woman doing the same.

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  10. Well, i have worked in customer service a long time too (before I became a mom) and i have to disagree that the customer was always right. I worked for retail and there were a lot of times when people would return christmas tree decorations, without tags, and pine needles stuck to them two days after Christmas and want the full price they paid for them on the reciept. Being snotty to them wasn't acceptable- and I never was- but if the customer was always right, a lot of businesses would get screwed.

    That being said, i'm as nice as pie, and I can't ever get anyone to help me out- maybe BECAUSE this day in age, to get what you need/want you have to be rude. So many people are. And I agree. Customer service should be better.

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  11. I couldn't agree more! Customer service seems to be at an all time low. What happened to the customer is always right?

    I am already a follower of yours and would love it if you would check out my new blog about my writing journey.


  12. Customer Service is definately not what it used to be. Even with companies we have been with for years don't look for their customers. Irratating.

    I am your newest follower from MBC. I would love for you to stop by sometime.


  13. I totally agree with you on Customer service. I feel as though its dead. I want to know where peoples manners are today? I know my momma didn't raise me like that and I know other peoples moms didn't raise them to be disrespectful.
    And companies now days could careless that customers have complaints.