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Friday, January 15, 2010


It’s a new year and with that comes new beginnings. Some people make resolutions or promises to them selves that they may or may not keep. A new year brings about promise and hope for the future. You forget all the good things and yes all of the bad thing that have happened over the past 365 days and make an effort to make the next 365 days even better.

Why wait until the end of the year to make a new beginning. You can turn your life around at any time and that can be your new beginning. When you become new in Christ old things are passed away and behold are things become new. That can happen at any time but since this is a new year, we are bound to make new beginnings, whether it is relationships, our health, our values, friends or even family.

Over the course of the New Year anything is bound to happen. How and what will you do to get over or get through trials, tribulations or even adversary when it comes. We are human. We live, we learn and we love. We lose things like friends, family, jobs, money and the list can go on and on and we can gain all these things as well. Why is this, because its life. Have you sat back and reflected on this past year. Or was it that kind of year that you quickly want to forget. We should reflect. We should not hold on to past things, hurts or pains and move forward into the present. And besides everything is a learning experience and mistakes not learned from are destined to be repeated. How can we make things better for the future?

We can not start a new beginning before we first deal with self. Evaluate yourself. Stop blaming everyone else and take a long look in the mirror at you. Do you want to lose some weight? Fine, but make sure you are doing it for you and so you can live a longer life since there are so many diseases that we face these days being overweight or not in good health. We can combat disease by what we feed our bodies being legal like food or illegal like substances. We want to also make our inner bodies just as attractive as our outer. We spend a lot of time perfecting the outer man and neglect the inner man. Go get a makeover both physically and mentally. You owe it to yourself.

How can we make a new beginning for Christ? I am glad you asked. For some of us, we have lost that fire and that zeal that was once in us for the Lord. We get complacent and comfortable and soon we are doing the bare minimum to get by. We can make a new beginning by applying ourselves more. Are you working in the ministry, helping others, trying to make your church or community a better place and maybe you are and you say well how is that making a new beginning. The answer is, do more. Besides we are not working unto man we are working unto the lord. Pray and ask the Lord to lead you into what he would have you to do. Maybe what you have been doing was not your calling and you were just keeping yourself busy. Maybe the lord has given you something he wants you to do that you still have not doe yet. Try it. Step out on faith and step out of your comfort zone. Life is trial and error.

How can I make a new beginning at work? Lighten up. Smile more. And be nice to those people who are trying to make your life miserable. Besides even while you are at your job you are still working unto the Lord. You don’t want to take that extra stress on and take it home with you besides this is a new year. Leave all those old things in the past. Try to make every day a good day. People feed off of you and your attitude. Will you make the environment positive or negative? You give people the power over you when you chose to be mad or upset or act out of character. Of course they will try and push those buttons but you should never lose your cool or as they say never let them see you sweat.

How can I make a new beginning with my family? The answer is spend more time with them. Love is an action verb. If you never show them you love them then how will they know and it’s a good thing to tell them once in a while as well. Again attitude is the key. Tone, how and what you say can either diffuse a situation or add to it. Make this a better year for you and your family. I know it’s a recession but try to go some where to a museum or something. Have that quality time with your spouse and your children. A marriage is destroyed basically for two reasons, romance and finance and once the family is destroyed then the children will follow. Spice up your marriage again. Start all over. Begin dating each other again. This is a new year, time for a new beginning. Leave what happened in the past in the past.

A new year, a new beginning and new opportunities await us. With each day a brand new set of mercies we see. Learn to forgive, forget and move forward.


  1. I agree...romance and finance. If either of these get out of whack, or heaven forbid both, your marriage can get rocky real quick.

    Following you, hope you'll check out my blog too:)

  2. Smile more, I like that! I think I need to do that more this year too! I'm following from MBC. You can find me here: http://www.couponclippinmommy.com

  3. I must have skimmed over the smile more part the first time. Sad but true.....that was one of my resolutions. Smile and laugh more:)
    Love this post, btw.

  4. I love this post, I really like this part. "be nice to those people who are trying to make your life miserable" It is sometimes hard to be nice to co-workers, besides our family we spend more time with them than anyone else.

    I am following you from MBC, I look forward to getting to know you. http://angelasbits.blogspot.com/

  5. Great post!!! I am now following from MBC.

  6. ROMANCE! Its so hard to keep up with it being a mom. BTW-->ur little ones are too cute for words. oh and another BTW (lol)-->found you on the mom bloggers club. Come visit me and I look forward to getting to know you better too! http://theboyslockerroom.blogspot.com

  7. Hi there! Found you on MBCand am now a follower... am a Christian mom with twins. What a nice post. Perfect for the new year.

  8. Nice blog you have here!

    I am now following from MBC~hope you will do the same :-)