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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trust! Do you have it?

Trust. It means so many things to so many different people yet it all comes down to the same thing. Do you trust people? Do you trust yourself? Do you find it hard or easy to trust? What is trust? Do you trust your mate, your spouse, or your children? How can you get trust back once it is violated? All relevant questions. You may think you trust when you really don’t or you have been violated so many times that you find it hard to trust any one any more. Is that fair to them? Is that fair to yourself? Trust is an assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed.

We trust when we go to work that at the end of two weeks we will get a pay check right? Why is it so easy to trust that but we don’t even trust the people that we sit next to every day. Maybe because we as imperfect people tend to let others down who have these expectations of us. The only one who can never let us down is Jesus. He said he will never leave us or forsake us.

We as women we have a hard time trusting other women. This may be because we have been down a road that we have been scared so many times and you don’t want to open up for fear people may use things against you. Well can’t a male do the same thing? We as women go off of our emotions and we say you can do it to me once but I will never put myself in a position for that to happen to me again. This makes us close ourselves off. But lets be real. We look at other women as a threat. Maybe you think she is prettier than you or is more successful than you or whatever the situation maybe or you say its something about her I just don’t like and you look at most women cross eyed because you think they are after your man. This is not necessarily false all of the time but we can not close our selves off to one another because the adversary knows that there are strength in numbers and that is exactly what he wants us to do. And not everyone is after your man. We are the home makers and we draw strength one from another. The Word says in the multitude of counsel there is safety. How can we get the counsel we need when we don’t even want to let people in.

This is why we have a hard time trusting our mates. We see where so many people get burned or you have had that happened to you to where the least little thing you are suspect of. A lot of times you have every right to be and people do give us a reason to not trust them. Now if you have caught your mate or significant other being untruthful or lying or with someone else that is one thing but you have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt because not everyone is a liar and is looking to get over on you. When we get married we trust that the other person has our best interest at heart. You cannot spend your entire relationship looking over your shoulder or being skeptical about everything because that will only make you crazy.

How do you know you have trust issues. Do you find yourselves constantly looking through the other persons things? Not saying we can never look because in a relationship everything should be open and honest. Do you find yourself constantly questioning there every move? Do you find yourself constantly making yourself crazy trying to keep up with them. Or maybe you have a hard time trusting them because you know what you did, what you are doing or what you are capable of. This is why it is so important that we are on the same page as our mates. The Bible says how can two walk together except they agree. When you are on the same page and you know your mate has a real fear of the Lord than it is easy to trust. Look at it this way the Lord trust us enough to bring all of out tithes in the storehouse unlike the government when they just take the money out your check off of the top.

How do you get trust back once it is violated? Can you ever get it back? This is one of the hardest things to ever get back. We don’t want to say you will never trust someone or something again because we are called to forgive everyone seventy times seventy times in a day. But this will take a lot of effort and time and the person who violated it has to understand that and respect that. But it can be restored eventually. But who’s to say you are wrong if you can never fully trust that person again. With every choice there is a consequence that’s why we have to think before we act. If you were a thief or did an unthinkable crime or cheated you may never be able to get this back. Those are choices that you have to live with. Trust and forgiveness are two separate things although they work hand in hand.

The next question is do your trust the Lord with your whole heart? The Bible tells us to trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto our own understanding and in all our ways acknowledge him and He shall direct our paths. This is sometimes easier said than done. A lot of times we trust in our own abilities, intelligence, strength and charisma to get us through or trials, challenges and to fix what ever problems that may arise or to get us those things that we want or desire. It is so easy to say we trust in God but do we really? When the going gets tough do we try to fix things on our own or do we give what we are facing over to the Lord and trust that he will fix it. When we find ourselves down to our last dime and we don’t know how we are going to pay our bills or eat do we trust God enough to provide for us like his word says he will? We should be able to trust God with everything. From our relationships, to our money, to our children and our jobs. Our whole lives. We should likewise be able to trust our spouses with everything as well.

Trust is the basis of any relationship. If you have no trust than how do you have a relationship. Once this is broken you may never get it back that’s why you have to do whatever it takes to never violate it in this first place.


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